Shipping Policy

Orders received at Anchor-Man will be shipped out as soon as possible. We are using AMAZON services as our backend and we have inventory spread all over the USA so that we can ship out items to any customers in any state as fast as possible. 

Once received an order, we are processing that order in our Amazon Fulfillment Center and they take upto 3 business days (Sometimes within hours) to give us a tracking number. Once the item is shipped, then it takes upto 7 business days for the product/s to be in the hands of the customers. 

However, the aforementioned information is an example to the longest shipping frame. It usually (on an average) is 5-7 business days starting form placing of the order to the end of receiving the item in hands.

We are also offering 2 typed shipping which are-

- STANDARD SHIPPING (5~7 business days)

- EXPEDITED SHIPPING (3~5 business days) (Additional charges apply)


For HI and AK customers:

Yes we do send items to HI and AK to and however, that depends on your order volume. It usually takes almost 2 weeks to arrive the item in your hands after placing your orders. 

However, the best thing is that we are always using AMAZON FC to ship items to you so it is always insured and always safe.