About Us

The story of Anchor-Man is really the story of a love of fishing — about the passion that sport ignites in some of us. This is why we began selling box anchors. Today, according to the American Sportfishing Association, there are over 60 million anglers in the U.S. alone. 46 million are active in the sport, fishing at least once to twice a year and going out on the water for hours on end. Fishing is a growing industry and one that, according to the Wall Street Journal, is bound to have a huge increase as people start to connect more and more with nature. Anchor-man was born from those numbers, from the need that the sport demanded for easy-to-understand initiative tools for a nation passionate with the sport. From landlubbers that had never been out on the water to experience captains wanting simple functional products that make the whole experience better.

The average person, with little to no experience, takes approximately 6 minutes to actually anchor their boat. It’s not as simple as dropping an anchor or is it. There’s often a gap between  your equipment's function and your experience. At Anchor-Man we wanted to make something that would give offshore wannabes an edge while they build up their skills — the ability to enjoy the sport, wholeheartedly without unnecessary dramas that come with boating.

So, if you’re looking for the best box anchor for fishing, or simply shopping for great boat equipment you’ve come to the right place. Anchor-man was made to leave an positive mark on your boating experience — a Brand that values quality and embraces the love of the ocean — that makes people's’ lives out on the sea or lake a bit better.

Anchor-man, docking your passion; securing your day.

About our team? We have started small but are working on relentlessly to make it work out like a rocket. Heres a brief to the team members behind Anchor-Man-


Michael P Atwell (Founder & CEO):

The founder and acting CEO of Anchor-Man. The person whose thought gave birth to Anchor-Man. Michael is a successful real estate business person whose favorite sport and pastime is and always will be fishing. That favorite craze turned out to be a business that will help people loving the same sport.


TJ (Supply Chain & Logistics Expert):

The person who is behind all the orders. Every order placed is processed by TJ who is 24/7 monitoring the Anchor-Man backend. Once any order comes in, its TJ who makes sure that it is shipped in shortest possible time. TJ is the person to work out the items from the suppliers and make it ready. Any questions to TJ regarding customer service will also be answered, Just email to info@anchor-man.com


Lil Ruzza (Graphics Expert):

The person who is behind all the images that you are seeing in Anchor-Man. Lil Ruzza is an expert in graphics designing / video editing / 3d animations / vectors and all other related stuffs that helps you better understand the product right Infront of your device. Anchor-Man items are really heavy and high quality and that feeling is given to you with the help of Lil Ruzza!