How To Set Beach Spike Anchor

Once you reach the beach, you must secure your boat. If there are no docks or even a single branch, how do you tie up?  If you’re lucky, there will be a dock to tie to, but most often it’ll just be the bare shore.

If you don't secure your boat properly, it could be swept away by the tide when it comes in, leaving you stranded or requiring you to swim a considerable distance to get it back. And before you have a chance to go forward, a storm you didn't anticipate can make everything worse.

Spike Anchor

Setting up a beach spike anchor is the solution. With this tool, you can rest assured that your boat is protected, no matter where you are.

Owning a beach spike anchor is crucial for those who own a boat or inflatable watercraft, as it helps to keep the watercraft in place.

Beach mooring is made possible by beach spike anchors, which are made to fit practically any size boat, including houseboats, PWCs, and most sizes in between.

The benefit of beach spikes anchor

Even though every piece of marine equipment has a purpose and a place on your boat, a beach spike anchor is one of those necessities because it gives you security while on land.

So, what are the advantages?

- Lightweight

- Easy to Deploy

- Secures Your Boat Anywhere

- Gives Peace of Mind

- Cheap to Purchase

- Easy to Store Away

 How Beach Slide Anchor Consist Of

Usually, it consists of a long, straight spike with a handle—either a T-bar handle or a grip—on top. As a form of "land-anchor," they are utilized to tie your boat to the ground.

How To Set Beach Spike Anchor

Beach Spike Anchor


You may secure your yacht by pulling into the port and planting the slide anchor spike in the earth. Additionally, they are cheap, light, and convenient to store, which makes them the perfect sailing ally when coming onshore.

Finding a good site to anchor your boat is the first step, especially if you plan to leave it there for the night. Making the wrong anchorage selection is one of the first blunders novice boaters make when securing a yacht.

Spike anchors perform well on various terrains, including soft and firm sand and in shallow water. This Beach Spike anchor is the ideal and perfect tool for securing your boat at your favorite beach spot or even along rocky or shale shores.

Operating the spike anchor is an easy process: Lower the tubular handle to control the spike blade into the sand, then secure your boat to the lower ring, and when it's time to retrieve the shore spike, drive the handle upward, making it just as easy to disengage.

For shorelines comprised of shale or rock, drive the spike a few feet offshore where the ground is softer. The open, tubular handle lacks air, water, or debris traps, making it easy to use in shallow water.

The top ring allows only a line and buoy. Our product undergoes hot dip galvanization to ensure durability and rust resistance and features a rubber handle for a comfortable grip.

Just drive the spike a few feet offshore, where the ground is softer, for shorelines made of shale or rock. It is simple to use in shallow water thanks to the open, tubular handle's lack of air, water, or debris traps. Only a line and buoy are permitted on the top ring. To ensure that it won't rust and is long-lasting, our product is hot dip galvanized and has a rubber handle.

Instead of using a regular anchor you should use a beach spike anchor. These hold better than regular anchors on shore and are easy to set and remove.

Whatever beach spike anchor you select, keep in mind that it will be subjected to adverse weather, so try to spend money on a spike anchor that has been galvanized or powder-coated.